The new rating agency for the cryptomarket

Collaborative Marketplace + In-house team
our private sale will open the 25th of September 2018 and our public sale will start the 16th of November
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The new rating agency for the cryptomarket

At Investigio, we have one ambition: becoming the « reference rating agency for the cryptomarket ».

We firmly believe that the crypto markets are here to stay and will increasingly look like traditional capital markets. That is why we aim to build the most reliable crypto rating agency in history

Market Place

Based on a global marketplace powered by blockchain technology, where all crypto analysts can sell their analyses to investors.


This marketplace will be sustained by an elite team of top-notch analysts that will provide analyses of unparalleled quality

We produce high quality reports

We aim to become an absolute reference

  • We gather elite analysts from different backgrounds (Financial Market, VC, Tech…) to target intellectual leadership

We want to invent the future

  • We concentrate our efforts on R&D and artificial intelligence, which will bring new quantitative models that will help providing a better understanding of the markets

We help investors and investors only

  • Investigio is set to be structurally impartial, that is why we only charge investors and never companies who issue token and coins

The market place will enable talent crypto analyst emergence

  • Many crypto experts all over the world have knowledge to provide and we want to help them bring it to the market and get a rewarded for it. Powered by blockchain, this market place will use smart contracts for co-writing rewards, AI track records, analysts’ ratings using time stamp, etc…