Impartial Rating Agency for the cryptomarket

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ICO starts Sep 3rd 2018


25,000,000 €

We accept currencies

ICOs have increased tremendously,

but 46% failed to deliver and 10% were scams.
Now, analyzing ICOs requires a unique set of skills
to identify the best opportunities.

We are structurally INDEPENDENT

Our customers are investors and never companies launching or having launched ICOs

We will not manage ICO marketing campaigns.
We will not introduce startup founders to investors to help them in their ICO.

Instead, we set the highest standards of impartiality

We gather top-notch minds to build the most comprehensive analyzes with analysts, researchers and data scientists from the most prominent tech companies, banks and investment firms:

Amazon, Fidelity, Rothschild, Barclays…

That is not all: we will provide 50% of our analyzes for free.

Our first analysis

Here is the first analysis we have produced. It only represents 30% of what we can do once we have completed our ICO, gathered a complete team and set up our tools and processes.

Download the analysis and feel free to drop us a line about it!

Our values shape our business

Impartiality is in our vision the outermost necessity to build safe and healthy markets in the long run. We will set the ethical requirements for our teams.

We believe that our complementary competences and advanced processes will enable us to position ourselves as indisputable leaders. To this end, we will permanently challenge our views and ensure that they remain totally unbiased, whatever the market consensus

We want to make the crypto markets more transparent, and think in 2018, one can only lead by giving the example. Therefore, we will publish on regular basis our books, the complete token & equity ownership, and the salaries & bonuses of every single person in the team.

Our commitment to transparency

We take transparency very seriously and lead by example.

Therefore, we surrounded ourselves with well renowned lawyers and asked chartered accountants to audit our company books every semester to guarantee our token holders that we adequately use the proceeds from the ICO.

Arnaud Grünthaler

Legal Counsel

Attorney at law, member of the Paris Bar
Partner at Fieldfisher

Tanguy Nicolet

Legal Counsel

Attorney at law, member of the Paris Bar
Partner at PACT Avocats

Alexandre Baudin

Legal Counsel

Attorney at law, member of the Paris Bar
Partner at PACT Avocats

Léa Malka

Legal Counsel

Attorney at law, member of the Paris Bar
Associate at PACT Avocats

Laurent Naim

Chartered Accountant

Partner at Naïm Steinmetz & Associés

Diane Behar

Chartered Accountant

Partner at Naïm Steinmetz & Associés


Soft Cap:

Hard Cap:



Hard cap : 500 K€

Bonus: 60%


Sept 3rd to Oct 4th 2018

Hard cap : 4 M€

Bonus: 30%


Oct 5th to Nov 6th 2018

Hard cap : 20,5 M€

The private pre sale is currently open, but only to smart money. If you feel you can bring value to the company, please send us an email at with your LinkedIn profile and we will get back to you shortly.

Token Sale

Token distribution


October 2017

Constitution of the team – start working on token analyzes

May 2018

Production of the 1st analysis

June 2018

Legal creation of the company

7 November 2018

Token listed

End of 2018

50 new reports published

July 2019

Launch of the marketplace

October 2019

Launch of the ICO monitoring service

End of 2019

250 new reports published


Yoann Benhacoun 

Co-Founder & CEO

Managing Director at Startupbootcamp France & ICO Advisor

Ludovic Buzaglo

Co-founder & President

Serial entrepreneur & Digital Strategy expert

Jérémie Gamon

Co-founder & CSO

11 years in equity derivatives trading, including 9 years at Rothschild


Co-founder & Product and Brand Owner

Art Director and Founder of a digital agency

Lionel Rebibo

Lead advisor, Research

14 years in credit and asset research
in asset management firms (Fidelity) and hedge funds

Jorgen Ouakine

Blockchain Advisor

Head of Strategy & Transformation BNP Paribas Warsaw
Founder at Findoor (fintech company)

Javier Gonzalez

Blockchain Advisor

Entrepreneur, Investor & Advisor
Partner at Avolta Partners

Alain Buenos

Capital Market Advisor

30+ years equity derivatives Trader & Broker
Head of Equity and derivatives at GFI

Frank Elewaut

Management Advisor

Entrepreneur, Business Angel at Volta Ventures
Advisor to startups and scale-ups

Joe Tabet

Business Advisor

Managing Partner at Melcion Chassagne & Co


The cryptomarket has experienced, over the past two years, a fantastic growth, seeing a boom in both the number of cryptocurrencies and their global market capitalization. One of the most remarkable facts is the rise of ICOs […]